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Click the links below to find out a bit more about my games & for the links to download & play them.

The Man with the Golden Joystick 🕹️

The latest Sloanysoft game, described by Planeta Sinclair as “one of the best platformers of recent times*” is now available to download here: https://sloanysoft.itch.io/retrohitch

MEGA Manic Mulholland

The brand new update of the game that started it all…


← to the PAST!

The epic time traveling follow up to Manic Mulholland is now available for download or you can get a physical copy on tape to play on a real Speccy!

Manic Mulholland

The game that started it all

Hard as Nailz

Sloanysoft’s budget label “Phoneysoft”‘s entry in the 2021 comp.sys.sinclair crap games competition.

Make your own games

There are some amazing resources on the internet for making spectrum games, click below for details

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