ZX Spectrum Games

Sloanysoft is proud to announce our first ever Spectrum game.

Manic Mulholland!

The events portrayed in this game are all true. The names are real names of real people and real organizations

The year is 199X and with just one week to go before his history assignment is due, Mulholland has decided to embark upon a 72 hour Final Fantasy VII session to clear his mind. Upon completing his quest however he has fallen into the sleep of the century.

Your mission is to guide him through his nightmare sleep and wake him in time to complete his assignment. The fate of future generations of history students is in your hands, good luck… you’ll need it!!!

More games coming soon!

Make your Own Games!

Why not have a crack at making spectrum games yourself, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, some really helpful links:

Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer – The place to download Jonathan Cauldwell’s powerful game making tool.

Let’s create a MPAGD game – Probably the best starting point to take you into the MPAGD world

Online Video Tutorials – These should help you master the basics & then the 8-bit word’s your oyster!

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